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Astha AZO-PSB is a netural carrier based microbial inculants consisting of Azotobacter sp,Azospirillum sp & Phosphate Solublizing Bacteria. It has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and to solubilize plant nutrients like phosphate and render them available to crops and improves yeilds upto 25%. it is beneficial to all agricultural crops. It can be applied to vegetables,orchad cereals,oil seeds,horticultural crops,tea,flowers,medicinal plants etc.

Composition :

1x109 ceels of Azotobacter spp. of carrier. 1x109 ceels of Azospirillum spp. of carrier. 1x109 ceels of Phosphate Solublizing Bacteria(PSB)/gm. of carrier. and activated charcoal. (May contain Moistur upto 40 %)

Dose :

Use Astha AZO-PSB Mixing with Astha Vermi-compost or FYM and spread on soil. Liquid Astha AZO-PSB is to be used by spraying on the soil.

Handling Procedure :

1.Do not mix Astha AZO-PSB with chemical fertilizer/pesticides and fungisides, apply at least 7 days after application of chemical fertilizer/pesticides/fungicides.

2.Before spray the container should be washed carefully.

3.Spray should be done late in the afternoon to avoid sunlight.

4.Once open use whole pack immediately and use pack within its validity period.


Antidote :

No specific antidote.Treat symptomaticall and supportively.

Store :

Astha AZO-PSB can be stored at room temperature not exceding 30o C. Store in a Cool,dry place away from direct sunlight.

PACKING - 100gm,,500gm.& 1Kg.

Liquid: 100ml.,500ml.& 1Ltr.