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Astha Amino Gold
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Astha Amino Gold
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Astha Amino Gold

Astha Amino Gold contains amino acid derived by hydrolyses of proteins. It Contain hydrolyzes proteins, Phyto-stimulants, rooting hormones and all 16 amino acids required for a various biochemical process in the plant system. It can be applied in all crops for its overall growth, development and higher yield.

Dose :

Dilute 1-2 ml of Astha Amino Gold with 1 litre of water, and spray thoroughly on the plant surface. It is compatible with all commonly used insecticide and pesticides and can be mixed safely while spraying.

Antidote :

No specific antidote. Treat symptomatically and supportively.

Store :

Store in cool dry place away from heat.

Online order Available for:

PACKING Rate(INR) Delivery
250ml 150 Free Home Delivery
750ml 315 Free Home Delivery

Available for Bulk Order :

PACKING Rate(INR) Delivery
250ml Discount Price Worldwide
500ml Discount Price Worldwide
1Ltr Discount Price Worldwide
5Ltr Discount Price Worldwide