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Astha Bio NPK
Astha Bio NPK

Bio NPK in India

Astha Bio NPK is a liquid bio fertilizer for all crops. It is 100% organic for vegetables, fruits, flower, home garden, terrace garden, lawn.
Astha Bio NPK is the mixture of some most powerful organisms (Azotobacter, Azospirilurn, PSB, and PMB) which has the capability of dissolving, insoluble nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in soil and vendors those insoluble nutrients Available to plants by the action of Organic acid produced. It also helps to provide nitrogen to the plant. It produces biologically active metabolites like vitamins, indole acetic acid, gibberellins, cytokynins which promotes plant growth.


1. Energizes plaits and Boosts their growth.
2. 100% organic.
3. Contains beneficial micro organisms.
4. Eco-friendly.
4. Sustained Action. Makes plants healthier from inside.


1x107 Ccells of Azotobactor Sp./ml of carrier.
1x107 Ccells of Azospirilurn Sp./ml of carrier.
1x107 Ccells of PSB/ml of carrier.
1x107 Ccells of PMB/ml of carrier.


200 ml / acre. 1ml of Bio NPK Is dissolved in 1Itr of water and spray uniformly near the root of the plant in the morning or evening hours.


01. Do not mix Astha BIO-NPK with chemical fertilizer / pesticide and
02. Apply Astha BIO-NPK at least 7 days before or after use of chemical fertilizer / pesticide and fungicides.
03. Before spray Astha Bio-NPK the spraying container should be washed properly.
04 Spray should be done late in the afternoon to avoid sunlight.
05.0nce open use whole pack immediately and use pack within its validity period.

Available Packing of Astha Bio NPK :

100ml. 500ml and 1 Ltr.