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Astha Dhanush
Astha Dhanush


Astha Dhanush is an Organic Insecticide as well as Growth Promoter. It helps plant to grow more and fight against Diseases & Pests including Mites, White fly etc. of different crops like Paddy , Vegetable , Pulses, Oil seeds , Tea, Coffe, Orchard , Ornamental plants etc. As Astha Dhanush is a herbal extract since it has not any toxic effect to Plants, Animals, and Human Beings.

Composition :

Activate Natural Lactones 0.40 %

Alkaloids 0.20 %

Aqueous Media q.s 99.40 %


Dose :

Apply 1 ml of Astha Dhanush with 1 Liter. of water and spray properly to the canopy of the crop.

** Shake well before use.


Store :

Store in Cool and dry place.

PACKING - 15 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 Ltr.