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Astha Growth Bluster
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Astha Growth Bluster
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Astha Growth Bluster is a super combination of two unique natural occurring plant hormones. It's application leads to super flowering and magical plants growth.

Composition :

Based on biologically synthesized elements such as Gibberllin ( extracted from water hyacinth ) Auxin ( derived from indigo ) Kynin ( derived from DNA) Malic Acid ( Extracted frim pyrus melus ) Triacontonal ( extracted from burnt rice husk ) etc. and diluted into water along with anionic-nonionic emulsifier.


It is a cost effective PGR which helps cell division, protic metabolism, enhancement of Vitamin A and Chlorophyll. It also suppress againg hormones during stress and prevents fruit and flower dropping.


a) For Foliar Spray 0.5 ml per liter of water covering the canopy properly.

b) For seed / seedling root dip treatment apply at the rate of 1-2 ml per liter of water ( dip 30 minutes before sowing or transplanting )


Online order Available for:

PACKING Rate(INR) Delivery
250ml 200 Free Home Delivery
750ml 450 Free Home Delivery

Offer Price and Special Packaging available for Bulk Order :

PACKING Rate Delivery
100ml INR Worldwide
500ml INR Worldwide
750ml INR Worldwide
1Ltr INR Worldwide