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Astha Killer
Astha Killer


Astha Killer is a Bio-Pesticide on Neem Seed Kernal EC containing Azadirachtin – 1% (10,000 ppm) min.

Direction of Use :

When used as recommended through a high volume sprayer this product control the pests effectively. Take the required quantity of the product in some water and stir well. Add the required quantity to form a ready to use spray.

Dose :

Dilute 1-2 ml of Astha Killer with 1 liter of water for Vegetables, Cereals, Fruits, Tea and Commercial Crops.

Precaution :

1. Avoid contact of the material with skin.

2. Wear protective materials like apron, hood, boots and gloves while spraying.

3. Do not eat and chew or smoke while spraying.


Antidote :

Treat symptomatically. Give gastric lavage if swallowed. Call a Physician.

Recommendations :

This product is useful for the controls of shoot and fruit borer of fruits and vegetables.

Chemical Composition :

Azadiracthin (a.i.) 1.000 % w/w min

Neem Oil 30.000 % w/w

N.Butanol (Solvent) 31.000% w/w

Butyl acetate (Solvent) 23.000 % w/w

Emulsifer (Polyoxyethylene(20) 15.000 %

w/w Sorbitan monoleate )


PACKING - 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml