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Astha Mango Lichi Special
Astha Mango Lichi Special


Astha Mango Litchi Special is a unique combination of selective nutrients which has the capacity to improve the yield and quality of Mango & Litchi . Magnesium , Zinc, and Boron have promising effect in plant metabolism. They are responsible for producing natural hormones ,activating some enzymes, biosynthesis of chlorophylls enhancing germination of pollens and regulating water uptake of plant.

Composition :

Foliar application of nutrients especially Magnesium , Boron and Zinc is essential for producing healthy as well as productive Mango & Litchi trees. In addition it improves physical and chemical properties of fruits like sweetness as well. Not only that Astha Mango Litchi Special is effectively works against fruit broking inclusion of some antioxidants it is observed that increased number of flower/ panicles, fruits retention and percentage of yields.

Dose :

1- 2 ml of Astha Mango Litchi Special with 1 Ltr. Of water and spray thoroughly on the leaves surface.

Composition :

Zinc in Chelated form- 0.50 % Boron 0.50 % Magnesium - 02.0 % Ammonium Molibdate 0.05 %

PACKING - 250 ml ,500 ml, 1 Ltr. , 5 Ltr.