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Astha PF
Astha PF


Astha PF is a French Chalk based bacterial products containing at least 2x109 cells forming units of Pseudomonas fluorescence which is effective in the control of wilts and root rot diseases of pulses, vegetables and cereals.

Mode of action

It controls the pathogen by substrate competition for nutrient available in the soil. It is effective against blast, sheath blight, bacterial leaf streak and tungro virus in paddy rice, panama disease of banana, wilt of pigeon pea, tomato, chick pea, linseed, damping off in cotton, cucumber, peas, root rot of rape seed, soybean, other bacterial and fungal diseases of plant.


Use Astha PF mixing with Astha Vermi-compost or FYM and spread on soil. Apply 5 ml of Astha PF with 1 Ltr. of water and spray well on the soil surface below the plant and mix through with the soil.

Handling Procedure:

1.Do not mix Astha PF with chemical fertilizer/pesticides and fungisides, apply at least 7 days after application of chemical fertilizer/pesticides/fungicides.

2.Before spray the container should be washed carefully.

3.Spray should be done late in the afternoon to avoid sunlight.

4.Once open use whole pack immediately and use pack within its validity period.



No specific antidote.Treat symptomatically and supportively.

Store :

Astha PF can be stored at room temperature not exceding 30 C. Store in a Cool,dry place away from direct sunlight.

PACKING - 100gm,,500gm.& 1Kg.

Liquid: 500ml.& 1Ltr.