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Usefulness of Natural Fertilizers

welcome-imgUsefulness of Natural Fertilizers and How to make them from Compost
Of late there has been a huge campaign on the use of natural fertilizers for farming. There are various aspects to it that needs to be looked into. The most important aspect is health and in this regard it needs to be told that researches have established that a huge number of people are falling prey to various diseases which are originating from the chemicals used to boost fertility and the produce of the soil. It has been researched that prolonged intake of crops that are grown using inorganic fertilizers can even lead to lethal diseases such as infections and even cancer.

Besides this agricultural scientists have also found out that prolonged usage of inorganic fertilizers can also mar the productivity of a land. Natural fertilizers help to maintain the productivity of the soil. They help in retaining the nutrient which helps crops to grow better.

Why Go for Organic fertilizers and not inorganic ones
There are various advantages of using organic fertilizers over inorganic ones. The prime advantage as stated above is that it makes crops healthy for consumption. Inorganic fertilizers in this aspect can be termed as a slow killer. The chemicals infest the crop adversely and make it utterly unhealthy for the consumers.

There are numerous other ways in which organic fertilizers are beneficial for the environment. For instance it helps earthworms to thrive. And it is known to all that earthworms are truly beneficial in boosting the fertility of the soil. The earthworms move through the soil thus creating a tunnel like structure that helps in air circulation. Moreover the earthworms also excrete wastes that are all the more beneficial in boosting soil fertility.

Use of compost in making organic fertilizers
There are three important things that are needed to make compost. These are:

Brown material

Green material


The brown materials have high carbon content. Many people do not believe in the fact that these substances act as good compost. Green materials are an excellent source of nitrogen and brown materials are a chief source of carbon and both these needs to be in equal parts. One can also add scraps from kitchen and mix that into it. Brown materials are found in great proportions in sawdust, twigs, branches, straw and paper.

The green material as stated earlier is a good source of nitrogen. Therefore one can collect things such as kitchen scraps, fruit peels, egg shells and others. That helps in making the compost very fertile.

Eventually one also needs to add water as it is the key ingredient. It has been studied that the lesser water content in the compost gives rises to bad bacteria. That might in turn harm the quality of the compost. Therefore, if you do not get much rainfall that you were expecting then you can definitely dump a bucket full of water once in a while, say once a week. After you pour the water you should leave it to decompose.