Detailed Overview on the Effectiveness of Organic Manures

The use of organic fertilizers is increasing with every passing day and this is a direct repercussion of the serious awareness that has been on air. Scientists have researched that inorganic fertilizers not only harm the crops but also pose serious threat to the health of human beings who consume such crops. One will be surprised to know that inorganic fertilizers can also trigger potent diseases like cancer.

It is a simple biological fact that the more natural fertilizers are used in the production of crops the better it is for the crops and the land. Prolonged usage of inorganic fertilizers gradually makes the land infertile. It has been seen that various fertile patches of land that yielded 3 harvests a year, lost their fertility and gradually yielded 2.

There are various kinds of natural fertilizers that have been proved to provide great results for the land. Let us go through some of the best and effective organic fertilizers that are of great help and are agreed upon by agricultural scientists.

4 Effective Organic Manures

  • Blood of cattle collected from the slaughter houses is a great source of nitrogen. And as we know nitrogen helps in fertilizing the soil, it is definitely an important ingredient that makes the soil fertile. However, one must be careful not to over apply as that might damage the roots of the crops. It must be applied before planting as that would help in making the crops more green and leafy.
  • Another organic fertilizer that has been proven to be quite beneficial is sewer sludge. Though this organic fertilizer is not quite used in crop production yet it is widely used in lawn gardening and planting.
  • A shell fish fertilizer is great fertilizing manure. It is a rich source of phosphorous and other important minerals. It also helps in preventing various kinds of pests that would otherwise damage the fertility of the soil and also affect the produce adversely.
  • If you are cultivating flower plants and other small plants then grinded bone would be the best. It contains a good percentage of phosphorous that nourishes and fortifies the roots.

There are various kinds of organic manures that can be used however; the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is to make sure that manures should not be used when they are fresh as that can severely damage the roots of the crops or plants.

Many people are under the impression that inorganic fertilizers helps in boosting the productivity of the soil. However, the real fact is inorganic fertilizers help in boosting the produce of the soil but only temporarily. It harms the soil and gradually makes it infertile. However with the usage of organic fertilizers, the initial produce might be a bit less but in eh long run it will plentiful. Moreover the fertility of the soil will also improve. Therefore keeping these things in mind will certainly help one to increase the produce of their land and also improve the soil quality as well.

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