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The Need to Use Organic Insecticides to Prevent the Environment

welcome-imgAs the world vows to Go Green with all the resources it has and as fast as it can, it is the duty of every responsible individual involved in farming or gardening that the insecticides and pest control components used in the farms or gardens are non-biodegradable and hence are a threat to the environment. Not only are the crops produced low in nutritional value and they are often toxin ingested. Even the drinking water sources are being poisoned.

Adversities Cause by Chemical Insecticides
It has also been noticed in several incidences that the chemical insecticides when spread over farms have led to respiratory problems for many individuals residing in the adjoining areas. The respiratory illnesses were coupled with irritation in various other body parts such as eyes, ears, throat etc. skin diseases were also experienced. This was its adverse effects on human life, whereas various plants and animals were also killed due to the toxin effects.

Now, using these harmful pest control methods seems absolutely unfair and useless, when organic manures are already available in the market. These products are gaining fast popularity since they are eco-friendly, harmless and cost effective means. It is actually a very wise decision on n individual’s part to choose to use organic insecticides.

Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide
To start off with, the insecticide Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is worth mentioning. Though the name might sound unfamiliar but the fact is that this insecticide has been in use for over years now. It is one of the most effective organic insecticides, which removes bugs and insects quite efficiently. Most interestingly, this agent has no side effects. The product is quite an interesting one. It is actually a fossil of the plant called diatom. It is found beneath the lake in the beds, and is obtained from there. It is found in powder form and has a sharp edge almost razor like. The waxy exoskeleton of the bugs, which form their outer layer is slashed apart by these sharp edges. As a result the bug suffers dehydration and the wound turns fatal. It as well repels insects. Apart from DE, a number of natural oils are also available to eradicate all the insects and bugs from the farm.

Most of these organic insecticides are absolutely harmless and can be sprayed in the presence of children and pet animals as well. It might surprise one to know that natural agents like the DE can be actually taken internally by human beings for positive health results. As a result, it is often applied on the bodies of fruits or vegetables until they are harvested.

From the perspective of costs, one can confidently vouch for the low prices of organic insecticides. The affordable rates of these crops make them available to a large number of farmers. The time is here to take upon ourselves the responsibility to stop the world from vaporizing as a result of Global warming. The world is our home and its safety is our duty. Mankind has been exhausting every resource available mercilessly and now it is time to repay the debt that we owe to Mother Nature.