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The Indispensability of Organic Lawn Fertilizers in the Mission to ‘Go Green’

welcome-imgIt is probably a dream of every individual to give a aesthetic appeal to his residence. What can be a better way to decorate your house, from giving it a green surrounding? A lush green lawn around your house will not only enhance the beauty of your house but will obviously supply abundant fresh air to breathe. To ensure an absolutely healthy growth of the plants in your garden, you might need to avoid using the chemical components like insecticides and pesticides. Organic lawn fertilizers are the recent and most beneficial soil manures and are gaining a quick popularity as a consequence of their cost effectiveness.

At this age of global warming, it is a duty of every responsible citizen to come up with various ways of reducing degradation of the environment. For this particular reason, using organic fertilizers in your lawn is an important and wise step. The beneficial effects of these fertilizers can just be awed at. To have a better idea of the benefits of natural composts and manures read on.

Ensures Safety of Family and Pets
The most obvious benefit of using these manures is that they are far safer than conventional fertilizers, for both human being and animals. The normal composts with all of their chemicals an d poisonous agents tend to cling to hair, shoes or even the skins. No matter how cautious you are, there is always a chance of running a risk. Even if you manage to ensure the safety of your family or pets, the wildlife will surely be affected by the adversities caused by the chemicals.

Any artificially generated component is a complex compound and to break it into simpler substance is a tough task for the natural agents. On the other hand, each and every natural component will break down and get back to Mother Nature itself. The fabricated fertilizers can as well give birth to harmful by-products in the process of their break down.

Allows the Beneficial Microbes to Live
Most of the chemically engineered lawn fertilizers do not judge while killing the microbes. While they help by destroying all the ants, dandelions etc, which are harmful to plants; the same insecticides also kill quite a number of useful organisms such as earthworms or bees or many useful microbes.

Doesn’t Poison the Soil
One of the most adverse effects that the chemical fertilizers have on the soil is that as a side effects of using them, they poison over 50% of the soil. One who uses organic manure can rest assured that there will be no poisonous effect on the soil, induced by the fertilizers.

Thus, if one wishes to ensure the safety of the family and the pets as well as the longevity of the plants and the soil, he will need to use organic fertilizers effectively as the best alternative of the chemical ones. Most of these lawn fertilizers can actually be produced in your kitchen using low-cost ingredients available in any grocery shop. Therefore, one wouldn’t need to spend hundreds of bucks to buy fertilizers.