Astha Sticky: Plant Adjuvant for Improved Crop Yield and Plant Health

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Astha Sticky is a versatile plant adjuvant designed to improve crop yield and enhance the overall health and growth of plants. As a sticker, spreader, and wetting agent, Astha Sticky optimizes the performance of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers by enhancing their absorption and distribution. Its eco-friendly formula is safe for the environment and can help boost the sustainability of agricultural practices. Try Astha Sticky today and experience the difference in your crops!

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Astha Sticky: The All-In-One Solution for Improved Crop Yield – Sticker, Adjuvant, Spreader & Wetting Agent

Today, most of the pesticides are formulated to use water, water based pesticides are not effective for waxy surface of plant leaves, insects and fungi. Astha Sticky enhances the pesticide activity to overcome this problem and help to penetrate their target.


Astha Sticky Is a combination of Nonile, Finayel, Ethylene oxide, Sodium Lauryl Ether.


Astha Sticky is water soluble spray makes water wetter and increases pesticide, fungicide, insecticides, matricides, herbicide efficiency. Apply Astha Sticky at least 1-2 hour before watering or expected rainfall; it is protecting the sprayed product from rain wash-off and sunlight.


Dilute 1-1.5 ml of Astha Sticky in water with pesticide, fungicide, insecticides, matricides and herbicide for spray in orchard plants, vegetables, cereals, flowers and any commercial crops like tea.


Store in Cool and dry place.

Available Pack: 100ml., 500ml., 1ltr.,  5ltr.
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1 Liter, 100 ml, 250 ml, 5 Liter, 500 ml

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