Astha PROM – Organic Phosphate Fertilizer for Your Crops

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Astha PROM –  Nature’s Powerhouse for Grow Amazing Plants

This natural plant food helps your plants grow strong roots, beautiful blooms, and bigger fruits & veggies! It’s like a superhero for your soil!

Safe, easy to use & good for the planet. Shop Astha PROM today!

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Give Your Plants a Super power with Astha PROM!

Imagine giving your plants a special drink that helps them grow strong roots, bloom like crazy, and produce even more yummy fruits and veggies! That’s exactly what Astha PROM from Lila AgroTech can do!

Here’s the secret: Astha PROM is like a special food for your soil. It has something called bioavailable phosphorus, which is like a yummy vitamin that plants can easily absorb. This helps them build strong roots, which are like their super arms and legs! Stronger roots mean your plants can stand tall, drink more water, and get all the nutrients they need to grow big and healthy.

But that’s not all! Astha PROM is also eco-friendly, which means it’s kind to the earth. Unlike some other plant food, Astha PROM won’t hurt the environment. It even helps make the soil healthier by encouraging good bugs to live there! These good bugs help break down other nutrients in the soil, making them even easier for your plants to use.

Here’s what Astha PROM can do for your plants:

  • Stronger Roots: Imagine your plants doing a super hero pose!
  • More Beautiful Blooms: Get ready for a flower explosion!
  • Bigger and Tastier Fruits & Veggies: More yummy food for everyone!
  • Happy & Healthy Soil: Taking care of the earth takes care of your plants!

Using Astha PROM is super easy! Just sprinkle it around the base of your plants or mix it into your compost bin. The exact amount you need will depend on the type of plant you have, so check the instructions or ask Lila AgroTech for help.

Want to give your plants the superpower they deserve? Get Astha PROM from Lila AgroTech today and watch them grow big and strong!


  • Lila AgroTech is all about helping plants grow naturally and keeping the earth healthy.
  • Contact Lila AgroTech if you have any questions about Astha PROM or your plants!
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