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Lila Agrotech's Premier Vermicomposting Consultancy Service

Discover the Best Vermicomposting Methods for Sustainable Environment

At Lila Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., we’re committed to fostering a sustainable environment by transforming solid waste into valuable organic manure through advanced biodegradation and biotechnological processes. With a daily consumption of 50 tonnes of water hyacinth (a notorious polluter of ponds and lakes), we convert it into nutrient-rich vermicompost. We also recycle municipal waste, distillery waste, tobacco industry waste, and more into beneficial organic fertilizers.

Our Expertise:
– Comprehensive Consultancy: We offer turnkey consultancy services to establish efficient vermicompost units.
– Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC): For existing units, we provide AMC services to ensure consistent performance.
– Proven Track Record: Our consultancy has aided municipalities, agricultural departments, ITC Ltd., Goodricke Group Ltd., and more.
– Franchise Opportunities: Join hands with us to create vermicompost production franchises, backed by our technical expertise and robust marketing support.

Choose Lila Agrotech for a greener tomorrow through responsible waste management and organic nutrient enrichment.

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