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In order to make the environment sustainable and free from pollution LILA AGROTECH Pvt. Ltd. is involved in solid waste recycling through bio degradation and other biotechnological process into useful organic manure like vermicompost. Everyday LILA AGROTECH Pvt Ltd consumes a huge amount of water hyacinth (creates pollution to ponds, lakes, etc.) about 50 tonnes /day by bioconversion into a organic manure. It also recycles Municipal wastes, Distillery waste, Tobacco industry waste etc. into useful organic manure.
LILA AGROTECH Pvt Ltd provides consultancy service to establish vermicompost units on turnkey and AMC basis. It also provides AMC to those organization having previously installed vermicompost units. LILA AGROTECH Pvt. Ltd. has already provided consultancy to different organization like Municipalities, Agricultural department, ITC Ltd., Goodricke Group Ltd. etc. The Company Also creates franchises with full fledged marketing support for vermicompost production under its technical guidance.

Consultancy About Roof Shade Gardening

Today rooftop garden is a unique way for a gardener to expand their space and converted their rooftops into full-fledged food farms with a variety of fruits and vegetables. But, technical performance will vary by region, climate, building and green roof type and design. Lila Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. Providing all types of supports from beginning to full setup of project and after support. We offer light weight roof shade gardening service which includes building roof shade gardening services, commercial building roof shade gardening service and residential building roof shade gardening service.

We are known to create a caring, trust worthy, sincere environment for our clients while providing out services like Infrastructure Planning to door delivering all the materials like planter, soil-manure mix, seeds, plants, drip irrigation system, fertilizers and insecticides/pesticide at cost price.
Our aim to make our State is a kitchen garden state. West Bengal has acres of potential Terrace garden space; you can produce your own organic vegetables and fruits in the space available in your residential and business premises by using 100 percent organic inputs.

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