Astha Zibok For Fruits and Flowers Drop Prevention

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Astha Zibok is a combination of selective Organic nutrient nutrients, especially Magnesium, Boron and Zinc etc. Its provides sufficient flow of nutrients and formation of natural hormones required for fruit setting.

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Astha Zibok is a unique combination of selective nutrients which has a capacity to reduce flower drop, help fruit setting and improve the yield and quality of fruits & vegetables. It’s a unique combination of MAA, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron and Ammonium Molibdate.


MAA                                                            4 %
Zinc in Chelated form                         0.50 %
Boron                                                      0.50 %
Magnesium                                            2.00 %
Ammonium Molibdate                        0.05 %

Advantages of Astha Zibok: 

  • Increase in number of flowers per plant.
  • Reduces flower and fruit drops.
  • Convert maximum flowers into fruits.
  • Prevent Fruits breaking.
  • Improves ruits sweetness.
  • Improve the yield and quality of fruits & vegetables.

How it works:

MAA makes stronger the fruits stem and reduce fruits dropping. They are responsible for producing natural hormones, activating some enzymes, biosynthesis of chlorophylls, enhancing the germination of pollens and regulating water uptake of plants. Foliar application of nutrients, especially Magnesium, Boron and Zinc is essential for producing healthy as well as productive fruits & vegetables trees. In addition, it improves physical and chemical properties of fruits like sweetness as well. Not only that Astha Zibok is effectively working against Fruits breaking inclusion of some antioxidants, it is observed that increased of some of flowers/panicles, fruits retention and yield.

Dosage: Mixed 2 ml. of Astha Zibok with 1 Liter of water and spray thoroughly on the leaves at flowering stage.

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