Organic Gardener’s Paradise: Embrace the Green Revolution Combo!


Achieve gardening success with our Gardener’s Delight Combo! This amazing offer includes Astha Vermicompost (10 kg), Astha Neem Super (1 kg), Astha Bio NPK (500 ml), Astha TV (500 gm), Astha Killer 15 (500 ml), Astha Sticky (1 Ltr.), Astha Micromix 1 (1 kg) and Astha Gro Gold (100 ml.). Boost plant growth, protect against pests, and nourish your garden with this all-in-one package. Order now for a flourishing and productive garden!

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Introducing our Exclusive Gardener’s Delight Combo Offer: Boost Your Garden’s Health and Yield!

Are you an eco-conscious gardener seeking the perfect combination of organic products to nurture and protect your plants? Look no further! Our Bio Organic Gardener’s Combo offers a handpicked selection of premium bio organic solutions designed to elevate your garden to new heights of health and vitality.

  1. Astha Vermicompost – 10 kg: Give your plants the ultimate organic boost with 10 kg of our premium Astha Vermicompost. Crafted from nutrient-rich organic materials and enriched with beneficial microorganisms, this vermicompost nourishes the soil, promoting healthy plant growth, increased yields, and improved soil fertility.
  2. Astha Neem Super (Pure Neem Oiled Cake) – 1 kg: Harness the power of neem with our Astha Neem Super. This pure neem oiled cake acts as a natural pesticide, repelling pests and inhibiting their growth. It also enriches the soil with essential nutrients, providing your plants with a healthy foundation to thrive.
  3. Astha Bio NPK (Consortia) – 500 ml: Unleash the potential of nature’s nutrients with Astha Bio NPK. This Bio liquid fertilizer, enriched with a consortium of beneficial microorganisms, provides a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It enhances soil fertility, improves plant nutrition, and boosts overall growth and productivity.
  4. Astha TV (Trichoderma Viride) – 500 gm: Protect your plants from harmful pathogens with Astha TV. This high-quality Trichoderma Viride product acts as a biocontrol agent, forming a protective shield around plant roots. It suppresses diseases, promotes healthy root development, and enhances nutrient uptake, ensuring vigorous plant growth and vitality.
  5. Astha Killer 15 (Neem Oil Pesticide 1500ppm) – 500 ml: Combat garden pests naturally with Astha Killer 15. Formulated with neem oil at 1500ppm concentration, this organic pesticide prevent a wide range of insects, including aphids, mealybugs, and mites. Safeguard your plants from pests while preserving the health of your garden and the environment.
  6. Astha Sticky (Plant Adjuvant) – 1 Ltr: Optimize the effectiveness of your garden treatments with Astha Sticky. This plant adjuvant acts as a spreader and sticker, ensuring better adhesion and coverage of applied solutions. It maximizes absorption, extends residual effects, and reduces wastage, resulting in healthier, thriving plants.
  7. Astha Micromix 1 (Mixture of Zinc, Boron, Magnesium, and Calcium) – 1 kg: Provide your plants with essential micronutrients with Astha Micromix 1. This carefully blended mixture of zinc, boron, magnesium, and calcium ensures optimal nutrition, promoting vigorous growth, vibrant foliage, and superior crop yields.
  8. Astha Gro-Gold (Planr Growth regulator/PGR) – 100 ml: Astha Gro Gold, the best PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) on the market. This powerful formula stimulates plant growth, increases branching, and enhances flowering, resulting in lush, vibrant plants. Experience the ultimate gardening success with our expanded Gardener’s Delight Combo!

Order our Bio Organic Gardener’s Combo now and experience the remarkable transformation of your garden! This all-in-one package combines the power of nature’s finest organic solutions to nurture, protect, and enhance your plants naturally. Elevate your gardening experience with these eco-friendly products, and watch your garden thrive!

Note: For detailed usage instructions and precautions, kindly refer to the product labels and instructions provided.

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