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Our exclusive deals & offers surprise our valuable customers with the best quality organic, bio input products, quick  & Free doorstep delivery and an unbeatable offer. Our combo box is available with 2 kg. Astha Vermi Compost, 1 kg. Astha Neem Super (pure Neem Oiled Cake), 1 Ltr. Astha Growth Bluster (Plant Growth Reguletor), 250 ml. Astha Killer(10000 PPM Neem Oil Pesticide), 100 gm. Astha TV (Bio Fungicide) and additionally Free Delivery in any place in India.

 Vermicompost 2 kg. pack – Vermicompost is a best nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and super soil conditioner,  easy for plants to absorb.

 Neem Oiled Cake 1 kg. pack – Neem cake organic manure it is widely used as a natural fertilizer with pesticidal properties. Protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants etc.

Growth Bluster 1 Ltr. Pack – Growth Bluster (PGR) is a super combination of two unique natural occurring plant hormones. Its application leads to super flowering and magical plants growth. It is a cost effective PGR which helps cell division, protic metabolism, enhancement of Vitamin A and Chlorophyll. It also suppresses againg hormones during stress and prevents fruit and flower dropping.

10000 ppm Neem Oil Pesticide 250 ml. Pack – It is a bio pesticide with a blend of 10000 ppm Azadirachtin and Neem oil, very effective for an insecticidal action. It is effective against sucking and chewing pests including Mites. With multiple mode of action, the product is well suited both in Integrated Pest Management and Insect Resistance Management.

Bio Fungicide 100 gm. Pack – Trichoderma viride is a potent biocontrol agent and used extensively for soil born diseases.

Free Shipping – Free shipping available in India only.


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