Astha TV – Trichoderma Viride Bio-Control Agent for Plant Protection

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Astha TV(Trichoderma Viride) is a very effective anti-fungal bio-control agent, protects plants from Root rots, Wilts, Brown rot, Damping off, Charcoal rot, Capsule rot, Collar rot, Dumping off, Foot rot, Rhizome rot, Stem root, Dholaa disease and other soil and seed born disease.

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Astha TV is a highly effective anti-fungal bio-control agent designed to safeguard plants from a wide range of soil and seed-borne diseases. Powered by Trichoderma Viride, a naturally occurring beneficial fungus, Astha TV provides comprehensive protection against various fungal infections that commonly affect plants.

Utilization and Benefits:

– Powerful Anti-Fungal Protection: Astha TV acts as a potent shield against a plethora of fungal diseases including Root Rots, Wilts, Brown Rot, Damping Off, Charcoal Rot, Capsule Rot, Collar Rot, Dumping Off, Foot Rot, Rhizome Rot, Stem Root, and Dholaa Disease, among others.

  • Root Rots: Prevents and combats root rot infections that can weaken plants and hinder nutrient absorption.
  • Wilts: Guards against wilting diseases that cause leaves and stems to droop, leading to plant decline.
  • Brown Rot: Safeguards against brown rot, which can destroy fruit and plant tissues.
  • Damping Off: Shields seedlings from damping-off disease, a common threat in early growth stages.
  • Charcoal Rot: Prevents charcoal rot, which affects a plant’s vascular system, disrupting water transport.
  • Capsule Rot: Defends against capsule rot that damages seed pods and reproductive structures.
  • Collar Rot: Provides protection from collar rot, which attacks the area where stems meet roots.
  • Dumping Off: Guards against damping-off disease during germination, preventing seedling collapse.
  • Foot Rot: Shields against foot rot, a disease that affects the lower portions of plant stems.
  • Rhizome Rot: Prevents rhizome rot, preserving underground stems crucial for nutrient storage.
  • Stem Root: Combats stem rot, safeguarding the integrity of plant stems and branches.
  • Dholaa Disease: Protects against dholaa disease, ensuring plant tissues remain healthy and functional.

– Promotes Plant Health: By inhibiting the growth and spread of harmful fungi, Astha TV helps maintain the overall health of plants, ensuring robust growth and improved yields.

– Safe and Eco-Friendly: Astha TV is an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fungicides. It poses no harm to the environment, beneficial insects, or other non-target organisms.

– Easy Application: Astha TV is user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated into existing plant care routines.

– Compatible with Various Crops: Suitable for a wide range of crops including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and more.


2 x 107 cells/gm of Trichoderma viride and liquid carrier with activated charcoal/Talc Powder. (May contain Moisture up to 40 %)

Process of Use:

  1. Preparation: Mix the recommended quantity of Astha TV Astha Vermi-compost/FYM and spread on the soil or with water as per the instructions on the packaging. Stir well to create a uniform suspension.
  2. Application: Apply the Astha TV suspension directly to the soil, around the base of plants, or as a seed treatment during planting.
  3. Coverage: Ensure thorough coverage of the soil and root zone for optimal protection.
  4. Frequency: For best results, apply Astha TV at regular intervals, especially during the early stages of plant growth and when conditions are favorable for disease development.
  5. Storage: Store Astha TV in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Follow storage instructions on the label to maintain its efficacy.

Ideal Application Areas:

– Agricultural Fields

– Horticultural Gardens

– Nurseries

– Greenhouses

– Landscaped Areas

Handling Procedure:

  • Do not mix Astha TV with chemical fertilizer/pesticides and fungicides; apply at least 7 days after application of chemical fertilizer/pesticides/fungicides.
  • Before spray the container should be washed carefully.
  • Spray should be done late in the afternoon to avoid sunlight.
  •  Use pack within its validity period.


Astha TV can be stored at room temperature not exceeding 300C. Store in a Cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


100gm., 250gm., 500gm., 1kg.

Astha TV with Trichoderma Viride is a reliable and effective solution to combat a wide array of fungal diseases that commonly afflict plants. By using this bio-control agent, you not only protect your plants from harmful infections but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment. Incorporate Astha TV into your plant care routine and enjoy thriving plants with enhanced disease resistance.

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