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Defend Your Plants with Astha PF! From paddy rice woes to banana Panama disease, wilt in peas, tomatoes, and chickpeas, plus damping off in cotton – Astha PF tackles it all. This powerhouse also fights root rot in soybean and more. Get the ultimate protection today!

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Introducing Astha PF – Your Plant’s Shield Against Diseases!

Astha PF is a cutting-edge bio fungicide featuring a potent blend of Pseudomonas fluorescens, a beneficial bacterium known for its plant protection prowess. With a robust concentration of at least 2 x 107 cells forming units, Astha PF brings a powerful defence to your plants. Let’s explore its remarkable features:

Key Features:

– Biocontrol Expertise: Astha PF harnesses the power of Pseudomonas fluorescens, a remarkable bacterium that acts as a biocontrol agent. It battles harmful pathogens and keeps diseases at bay.

– Induced Systemic Resistance: By activating the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, Astha PF prepares your plants to fend off diseases effectively.

– Antibiotic Production: Astha PF produces antibiotics that inhibit the growth of disease-causing microorganisms, promoting a healthier plant environment.

– Promotes Plant Growth: As a Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium (PGPR), Astha PF enhances nutrient absorption, leading to healthier and more robust plants.

– Siderophores for Nutrient Uptake: Siderophores secreted by Astha PF enhance iron uptake, crucial for plant growth and vitality.

Disease Prevention:

Astha PF shields your plants from a variety of diseases, including but not limited to:

– Root Rots: Prevents root rot infections, preserving root health and nutrient absorption.

– Wilts: Guards against wilting diseases, maintaining plant vigor and longevity.

– Damping Off: Protects seedlings from damping-off disease during germination, ensuring successful growth.

– Foliar Diseases: Defends against foliar diseases that damage leaves and hinder photosynthesis.

Mode of Action: Unveiling Astha PF’s Power to Protect

Astha PF’s remarkable efficacy stems from its unique mode of action. By capitalizing on substrate competition for nutrient availability in the soil, Astha PF takes the frontlines in controlling pathogens, fostering an environment where your plants can flourish. Here’s how it works:


Substrate Competition for Nutrients: Astha PF, enriched with the potent Pseudomonas fluorescens bacterium, engages in a battle for resources with harmful pathogens. By consuming available nutrients, Astha PF deprives pathogens of their sustenance, curtailing their growth and activity.

Versatile Protection Against a Spectrum of Diseases:

Astha PF’s impact extends across a spectrum of diseases:

– Paddy Rice: Effective against blast, sheath blight, bacterial leaf streak, and Tungro virus, bolstering rice crop health.

– Banana: Shields against Panama disease, safeguarding banana yields.

– Pigeon Pea, Tomato, Chick Pea: Offers resolute protection against wilt, ensuring these vital crops thrive.

– Cotton, Cucumber, Peas: Prevents damping-off disease, nurturing cotton, cucumber, and pea seedlings.

– Rape Seed, Soybean: Counters root rot, bolstering the vitality of rape seed and soybean plants.

– Broad-Spectrum Defense: Astha PF is equally potent against a wide range of other bacterial and fungal diseases in various plants.

Embrace Astha PF as your shield against pathogens. With its powerful substrate competition strategy, it actively safeguards your crops from disease onslaught. Trust Astha PF to fortify your plant health and yield quality, ensuring a flourishing harvest.

Versatile Uses:

Astha PF is a versatile solution with various applications:

– Soil Drench: Apply to the soil to establish a protective barrier around plant roots.

– Seed Treatment: Treat seeds to ensure disease resistance from the start.

– Foliar Spray: Safeguard leaves from foliar diseases with targeted sprays.

Astha PF is a Talc Powder based bacterial products containing at least 2 x 107 cells forming units of Pseudomonas fluorescens, which is effective in the control of wilts and root rot diseases of pulses, vegetables and cereals.

Application Guidelines for Astha PF seed and Soil Treatment:

Astha PF is your partner in fostering healthy, disease-resistant soil for your crops. To ensure effective seed and soil treatment, follow these step-by-step guidelines:

Seed Treatment:

Gather Your Supplies:

Astha PF

Seeds for planting

Prepare the Solution:

For every 1 kg of seeds, mix approximately 10-15 grams of Astha PF.

Thoroughly coat the seeds with Astha PF, ensuring an even distribution.

Drying Period:

Allow the treated seeds to air dry in a cool, shaded area. This prevents clumping and ensures that the beneficial microbes adhere to the seeds.


Once the seeds are dry, they are ready for planting. Follow your regular planting procedure, placing the treated seeds in the soil at the appropriate depth and spacing.

Soil Treatment:

  1. Gather the Ingredients:

– 1 kg of Astha PF

– 50 kg of Astha Vermicompost or high-quality compost

– 100 kg of normal soil

  1. Mixing Process:

– In a clean container or mixing area, combine 1 kg of Astha PF, 50 kg of Astha Vermicompost or compost, and 100 kg of normal soil.

– Thoroughly blend the components to create a uniform mixture. Ensure the distribution is even for consistent results.

  1. Shading for Activation:

– Transfer the blended mixture to a shaded area, away from direct sunlight.

– Allow the mixture to rest in the shade for 2-3 days. This time allows the beneficial microorganisms in Astha PF to multiply and establish a strong presence.

  1. Application to Land:

– After the activation period, your enriched mixture is ready for application.

– Prior to planting, spread the mixture evenly over one bigha of land (approximately 0.33 acres). Ensure uniform coverage to maximize the benefits.

  1. Incorporation:

– Gently incorporate the mixture into the topsoil using a rake or plow. This helps integrate the enriched mixture with the existing soil, enhancing its effectiveness.

  1. Planting:

– Now, your treated soil is prepared for planting. Follow your regular planting process, sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings as needed.

  1. Watering:

– After planting, water the area adequately to ensure proper settling of the treated soil and to promote microbial activity.

  1. Maintenance:

– As your crops grow, monitor their health and observe the positive effects of Astha PF’s soil treatment.

– Continue with your usual care routine, which may include watering, fertilization, and pest management.


– It’s recommended to wear gloves and take necessary precautions while handling the mixture.

– Avoid excessive sunlight during the activation period to preserve the viability of beneficial microorganisms.

– Adjust the quantities based on your land size, considering the given proportions as a guideline.

By following these application rules, you’re paving the way for robust plant growth and enhanced disease resistance, thanks to the potent benefits of Astha PF’s soil treatment approach.

Handling Procedure:

  1. Do not mix Astha PF with chemical fertilizer/pesticides and fungicides, apply at least 7 days after application of chemical fertilizer/pesticides/fungicides.
  2. Before spray the container should be washed carefully.
  3. The spray should be done late in the afternoon to avoid sunlight.
  4. Once open use the whole pack immediately and use a pack within its validity period.


No specific antidote. Treat symptomatically and supportively.


Astha PF can be stored at room temperature not exceeding 300 C. Store in a Cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Dust: 100gm, 500gm. & 1Kg.

Elevate your plant care routine with Astha PF and experience the transformation of your plants. With its potent Pseudomonas fluorescens formula, Astha PF offers a natural and effective approach to disease prevention and plant growth enhancement. Choose Astha PF and let your plants thrive!

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