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Modern Agriculture

The rate of crop production has seen an overall boost in the recent times. However, at the same time it has generated several issues related to water and land degradation, which has been a consequence of the deposition of synthetic compounds from the farm. Nitrate pollution has put the nature at stake. On the other hand, chemical farming has changed both the physical and chemical properties of the soil to a considerable extent and annihilated the useful soil organisms. As a matter of fact, the growing dependency on the usage of chemicals to increase production has affected human health to a great extent apart from disturbing the benefits of sustainable farming. It is a good thing that both the crop producers and farmers are encouraging the use of bio organic fertilizers or plant production agents of biological origin. Another great feature of these products is that they are far more economically viable than their chemical counterpart.


The nutrients used in sustainable agriculture have stood through the test of time, and have proved their worth in increasing the productivity and fertility of soil.

The constant use of inorganic fertilizer has an adverse effect on the soil. Organic bio fertilizers actually have a rectifying effect on them. In addition to improving the biological, physical and chemical properties of the soil, they play a major role in enriching the quality of the produce as well. The enhancement of phyto-nutrients in the produce contributes majorly in the development of human health.

These benefits of sustainable agriculture are what Lila Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. aims to offer the common public. This versatile agro-biotech company commenced its journey back in journey 2003. ASTHA was the new agro-brand that the company launched in the market during its inception.



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Our Feature Proucts

Vermi Compost Fertilizer

Astha Vermicompost is a sutable organic manure produced by earthworms by feeding on microbially decompost agriculture waste.

Organic Manure/Fertilizer

To enhance the quality of their produces farmer use certain natural, rather biological fertilizing agents. These agents are known as organic manures and fertilizers...

Neem Products

Astha Azadirachtin contains 25% to 35% Azadirachtin Technical, the key component of Neem based Pesticides / Insecticides.