Benefits of Using Ground Protection Mats

Whether you are hosting an event or you are having your home renovated, you don’t have to sacrifice the beautiful grass on your lawn or your gorgeous landscape because of heavy trucks bringing your equipment or people arriving for the event. You can use ground protection mats to keep it protected.

What are Ground Protection Mats?

Ground protection mats are made from sturdy plastic material like polyethylene that does not easily break. They are not only used as ground protection but as temporary roadways as well. As mentioned, they can protect your landscaped lawn from being damaged in case a vehicle needs to pass over it. They can also be used in case the ground is too soft or muddy. These mats can prevent the wheels from becoming stuck on the ground. They can also be used as temporary floors for outside events like parties or celebrations.

Benefits of Using Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are not only for household use. They can also be used on pedestrian walkways, construction sites, emergency access, caravan parks and more. There are several benefits of using these mats. They are easy and fast to install. If you need walkways, access roads or floors immediately, ground protection mats are convenient to use. They are lightweight so you don’t need a lot of people to carry and set them up. They are perfect for outside events as they are weather resistant. If it is a sunny day, you don’t have to worry about the location being dusty. If it rains, this will not be a problem as these mats are not slippery.

Hire or Buy Ground Protection Mats?

Ground protection mats or køreplade can be purchased or hired. Hiring or renting these mats is less expensive than buying them. The cost for the rental is usually per day. However, you need to return the mats after using them. If you buy these mats, then you can use them anytime, anywhere that you wish to use them. However, the initial cost is more expensive, though you don’t have to worry about any rental fee after that.

If you are only using the mats temporarily, if you are having a special event or you’re having a home makeover, then rental mats may be the best choice. If you are planning to use the mats for a long time or you need them in your business, then it would be best to purchase them. These mats have varying sizes. There is also a maximum weight that they can carry. Consider the area that you need to cover with these mats, as well as the weight of the vehicles when choosing the mats to purchase or hire. Get them only from trusted manufacturers or suppliers to ensure their quality. Compare your options to make sure that you get the best mats at the most affordable price.  Also consider purchasing joining panels to ensure that your mats are secured in place and prevent them from moving.

The Dangers of Chemical Pesticides

When you think about freshly grown vegetables and fruit, chemicals probably aren’t at the front of your mind. Unfortunately they should be as the majority of commercial crops are treated with chemicals. What’s more, if a chemical can kill pests then what can it do to the human body and the rest of the environment?

Farmers rely upon their crops for survival so it’s understandable they need a safeguard against pests for their own livelihood. Chemicals have been developed effectively to help stop the spread of pests and even disease in crops. Using chemical pesticides gives farmers more chance of success each season.

Organic crops are treated with natural pesticides which work but perhaps not as effectively but at least well enough to keep organic farms active and with the green revolution plenty of them are flourishing. Organic farmers also use lower volumes of their natural pesticides and of course to be classified as organic products have to reach certain standards.

Chances are you use pesticides in your own home too. Your garden will be treated with them perhaps and if you ever spray a pesky mosquito that’s a pesticide too.

Chemical Pesticides and the Environment

Chemical pesticides may be sprayed on the land but this doesn’t mean they don’t eventually end up in water sources. If a body of water becomes contaminated by these chemicals and it can affect the livestock in the surrounding area. The whole ecosystem can be unbalanced by one chemical reaching the water source.

Pesticides can also get into the groundwater via the leeching process. Groundwater can be used as a drinking supply in some instances and therefore this is even more potentially dangerous.

Pesticides are known for having a particularly negative effect on the world’s dwindling bee population. Flowers have found themselves systematically poisoned by the spread of toxins from pesticides and then of course the bees feed from the flowers and get infected themselves. Statistics suggest that billions of bees have died due to pesticides.

Who’s at risk from Pesticides?

Of course the people most at risk of exposure to pesticides are farmers and their families and people who live in close proximity to farms where chemicals are used. The danger spreads out further as pesticides can be spread into water supplies as we discussed but they can also be carried in the wind. In some instances remains of the chemicals are on the produce picked from farms and in some cases they can be found inside products too.

Health Effects of Pesticides

Exposure to pesticides can lead to the development of asthma. Some chemicals have even shown that pesticide exposure during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. There are even some neurological effects and they can be potent neurotoxins. The potential lifelong damaging effects of exposure to pesticides aren’t even fully known and this is what makes them seem even more dangerous.

There are plenty of organic and natural pesticide options for home use and for farmers. Swapping to chemical-free options is better for the environment as a whole.

Kelly Swift is an environmental journalist and activist. She specialises in supporting organic brands including and other environmentally friendly alternatives to chemicals.

Detailed Overview on the Effectiveness of Organic Manures

The use of organic fertilizers is increasing with every passing day and this is a direct repercussion of the serious awareness that has been on air. Scientists have researched that inorganic fertilizers not only harm the crops but also pose serious threat to the health of human beings who consume such crops. One will be surprised to know that inorganic fertilizers can also trigger potent diseases like cancer.

It is a simple biological fact that the more natural fertilizers are used in the production of crops the better it is for the crops and the land. Prolonged usage of inorganic fertilizers gradually makes the land infertile. It has been seen that various fertile patches of land that yielded 3 harvests a year, lost their fertility and gradually yielded 2.

There are various kinds of natural fertilizers that have been proved to provide great results for the land. Let us go through some of the best and effective organic fertilizers that are of great help and are agreed upon by agricultural scientists.

4 Effective Organic Manures

  • Blood of cattle collected from the slaughter houses is a great source of nitrogen. And as we know nitrogen helps in fertilizing the soil, it is definitely an important ingredient that makes the soil fertile. However, one must be careful not to over apply as that might damage the roots of the crops. It must be applied before planting as that would help in making the crops more green and leafy.
  • Another organic fertilizer that has been proven to be quite beneficial is sewer sludge. Though this organic fertilizer is not quite used in crop production yet it is widely used in lawn gardening and planting.
  • A shell fish fertilizer is great fertilizing manure. It is a rich source of phosphorous and other important minerals. It also helps in preventing various kinds of pests that would otherwise damage the fertility of the soil and also affect the produce adversely.
  • If you are cultivating flower plants and other small plants then grinded bone would be the best. It contains a good percentage of phosphorous that nourishes and fortifies the roots.

There are various kinds of organic manures that can be used however; the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is to make sure that manures should not be used when they are fresh as that can severely damage the roots of the crops or plants.

Many people are under the impression that inorganic fertilizers helps in boosting the productivity of the soil. However, the real fact is inorganic fertilizers help in boosting the produce of the soil but only temporarily. It harms the soil and gradually makes it infertile. However with the usage of organic fertilizers, the initial produce might be a bit less but in eh long run it will plentiful. Moreover the fertility of the soil will also improve. Therefore keeping these things in mind will certainly help one to increase the produce of their land and also improve the soil quality as well.

Author’s bio – Somenath Bose writes articles on bio fertilizers. In this article he has written about organic fertilizer. For further queries and information visit the website