Astha Tea Special -Micronutrient For Tea Plants

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Introducing Astha Tea Special – a game-changer for your tea garden. Our exclusive blend of handpicked nutrients works wonders for your tea plants, promoting their holistic growth. Experience the joy of nurturing thriving tea plants and savoring the rewards of their exceptional quality.

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Experience the ultimate transformation in your tea garden with Astha Tea Special Nutrient. This exceptional blend of carefully selected nutrients is a game-changer for tea plant growth. Crafted to perfection, Astha Tea Special Nutrient offers a unique combination of vital elements that have been proven to enhance tea plants’ overall health, vigor, and yield.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored Nutrient Blend: Astha Tea Special Nutrient is formulated with a precise combination of nutrients that cater to the specific needs of tea plants. This optimized blend ensures that your tea plants receive the essential elements they require for robust growth.
  2. Enhanced Growth and Development: Unleash the potential of your tea plants with this specialized nutrient blend. Witness accelerated growth, vibrant foliage, and improved overall plant health.
  3. Improved Flavor and Aroma: The unique nutrients present in Astha Tea Special Nutrient contribute to the development of tea leaves with enhanced flavor and aroma. Enjoy a truly remarkable tea-drinking experience.
  4. Easy Application: Astha Tea Special Nutrient is designed for user convenience. It can be easily dissolved in water for efficient application to the soil or as a foliar spray.
  5. Sustainable Formula: Our nutrient blend is crafted with sustainability in mind, promoting eco-friendly practices while boosting plant health.
  6. Suitable for Various Tea Varieties: Whether you’re growing green tea, black tea, or any other variety, Astha Tea Special Nutrient caters to the diverse needs of different tea plant types.

Usage Instructions:

  • For Foliar Spray: Dissolve the appropriate quantity of nutrient in water and apply as a foliar spray to the tea leaves.


Zinc – 9.0 %
Manganese 2.5 %
Boron 0.8 %
Molybdenum 0.5 %
Magnesium 6.1 %
Copper 2.0 %
Plant hormone 150 ppm

Store it in cool and dry place, away from heat.

Available Packing – 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr. , 5 Ltr.

Elevate your tea garden’s potential and embark on a journey of exceptional tea cultivation with Astha Tea Special Nutrient. Uncover the secret to healthier, more vibrant tea plants that yield a harvest of exquisite quality and flavor.

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1 Ltr., 250 ml, 5 Liter, 500 ml

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